Saturday, June 26, 2010

Death Surf, Rev With Kev

Here are two films I made at Uni in 1999 at Canterbury Christ Church University College, Kent. The Radio, Film & TV course gave me a chance to use 16mm film - which I chose over digital. It's all digital now, but I'll never regret taking the film route; there is so much more to learn -and it's hands on 'real' film.


Dennis Scunt brings anit-folk Christmas cheer to the streets of Brighton.
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FATHOM: by Zadkiel

A music clip from Nottingham based rock band Zadkiel.
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Dan Heathcote (lead singer, guitarist) and his band kindly came down from Notts to Brighton to play a party we arranged as a "bye!" to everyone - soon myself and my wife would be going off to Oz to live.
Zadkiel managed to deafen the "douff douff" party going folk of Brighton with their magic potion of rock music that night, which I captured on camera. The following morning, hung over and tired, we went down into the basement of local Sanctuary Cafe to complete the video, with scenes captured by the ocean to finish things off.

From Here To The Next Life

I would like to share with you a film I made when I first came to Australia in 2002 - 2003.

I was trying to make sense of my new surroundings, moving from city to bush - trying to discover an original narrative in a country that seems familiar on the surface.