Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Suitcase Collective Fashion Parade

Hays Inlet Festival, March 8th 2010: Redcliffe, Queensland - Australia

Re-fashioned, up-cycled and vintage clothing by St Mary's College - Ipswich, Chrissy Forman, Dash Robbin, Go Go Girl, Little Brown Dog and Lisbon Underground.

The festival was organised to help protect the Hays Inlet catchment area near
Redcliffe and to raise awareness of environment issues, packed with local artists, food and educational activities.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Death Surf, Rev With Kev

Here are two films I made at Uni in 1999 at Canterbury Christ Church University College, Kent. The Radio, Film & TV course gave me a chance to use 16mm film - which I chose over digital. It's all digital now, but I'll never regret taking the film route; there is so much more to learn -and it's hands on 'real' film.


Dennis Scunt brings anit-folk Christmas cheer to the streets of Brighton.
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FATHOM: by Zadkiel

A music clip from Nottingham based rock band Zadkiel.
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Dan Heathcote (lead singer, guitarist) and his band kindly came down from Notts to Brighton to play a party we arranged as a "bye!" to everyone - soon myself and my wife would be going off to Oz to live.
Zadkiel managed to deafen the "douff douff" party going folk of Brighton with their magic potion of rock music that night, which I captured on camera. The following morning, hung over and tired, we went down into the basement of local Sanctuary Cafe to complete the video, with scenes captured by the ocean to finish things off.

From Here To The Next Life

I would like to share with you a film I made when I first came to Australia in 2002 - 2003.

I was trying to make sense of my new surroundings, moving from city to bush - trying to discover an original narrative in a country that seems familiar on the surface.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hays Inlet Festival 2010

The Hays Inlet Festival for all ages which is happening between 4th - 12th June, Queensland - Australia. Celebrating the people, places and environment of the Hays Inlet catchment and its waterways through a series of environmental, recreational and cultural activities.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Paper Making, Part 3: Globe Deflating

Lesa Hepburn describes the final steps needed to complete the globes - which are to be displayed in 5 libraries throughout South East Queensland, in preparation for the Hays Inlet Festival and World Environment Day in June.

Stay posted for further developments on the Hays Inlet Festival!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dreaming Festival 2009

I rediscovered this footage I took of the Dreaming Festival last year and thought I'd share it with everyone. It includes performances by: Shellie Morris, Totoaca: Papantla flying men of Mexico, the Burundian drummers, Pacific Curls, Max Judo and Djilpin. The event will be happening again this year from June 11th - 14th at Woodford, Queensland, and is open to volunteers. For more information on this amazing Indigenous cultural experience, visit:

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Paper Making, part 1: Pulping

Lesa Hepburn (RedHot Fibre) demonstrates how to pulp recycled paper, using a twin-tub washing machine, domestic blender and Little Critter Beater (a very interesting machine designed by Mark Lander from New Zealand.)

The pulp is made in preparation for the Globe Casting workshop (which can be viewed in Part 2), and is to raise awareness of the Hays Inlet Festival and World Environment Day (happening in June 2010).

I filmed A LOT of footage of the pulp going round and round, which if viewed as a loop induces a state close to sea sickness. The effect is very interesting, documenting a process which Lesa describes as 'agitating'.

Part 3 will follow shortly...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Paper Making, part 2: Globe Casting

In the videos I produce I always seek to inspire and educate in some way. So what better to start my blog spot off with than my latest effort - my first ever 'educational' video.
I have always had a love for painting and drawing on different kinds of paper, whether it be banana or papyrus. Making paper has always intrigued me, but never went any further than sloppy orange peel mashed together drying to create a smelly yellowy substance. Then a chance meeting with Lesa Hepburn of Red Hot Fibre at a market in Brisbane changed all of this, as I was drawn to her hand made paper note books.

It was mentioned to her that I make videos, and the idea to film her making paper grew from conversations about abstract art and animation. Months later a chance to film the globe casting process arrived, and it is one example in a series of projects I am working on which capture the 'agitating' of pulp - a phrase coined by Lesa she feels really describes her process.

As Lesa points out in the video, people will be able to spot these globes in various libraries throughout South East Queensland, and will able to sign their names in response to World Environment Day and the Hays Inlet Festival. They are a simple, organic design - playing as constant reminders for people to look after their surroundings and never forget the conservation of the environment.