Thursday, February 18, 2010

Paper Making, part 2: Globe Casting

In the videos I produce I always seek to inspire and educate in some way. So what better to start my blog spot off with than my latest effort - my first ever 'educational' video.
I have always had a love for painting and drawing on different kinds of paper, whether it be banana or papyrus. Making paper has always intrigued me, but never went any further than sloppy orange peel mashed together drying to create a smelly yellowy substance. Then a chance meeting with Lesa Hepburn of Red Hot Fibre at a market in Brisbane changed all of this, as I was drawn to her hand made paper note books.

It was mentioned to her that I make videos, and the idea to film her making paper grew from conversations about abstract art and animation. Months later a chance to film the globe casting process arrived, and it is one example in a series of projects I am working on which capture the 'agitating' of pulp - a phrase coined by Lesa she feels really describes her process.

As Lesa points out in the video, people will be able to spot these globes in various libraries throughout South East Queensland, and will able to sign their names in response to World Environment Day and the Hays Inlet Festival. They are a simple, organic design - playing as constant reminders for people to look after their surroundings and never forget the conservation of the environment.